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Rainbow Cake

Up to the day I made this rainbow cake I had almost zero experience in baking.  I remember burning a cake when I was 14 because I had set the oven to roast instead of bake. When I was 17 my friends and I baked brownies to distribute to the whole class for Valentines Day. Brownies do not require too much technique and having a smart friend with a knack for cooking does not prove any culinary prowess on my part.

So two years ago I turned 25.

Two of my friends were down from overseas and my classmates had been wanting a meet up for a while. I figured I’d throw a party despite it being three months after my actual birthday.

I know a few people who take baking orders, however everyone was too busy to take mine.  I woke up on the day of my party with no cake on the horizon. I did not panic.

My best friend Heba is excellent at baking and I have watched her and her mum bake several times. Years of observations now came into action.

Plus there was also Youtube.

Some research led me to using Martha Stewart’s recipe for Rainbow Cake.

A few hours later and with a little help from my friends for the frosting, my cake was ready for the party.

Baking is no longer daunting.

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