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Helga’s Folly

Walking into Helga’s Folly in Kandy is like entering a scene from Alice in Wonderland. Surreal and over the top, all I wanted to do was sit down and take in the place slowly. Me being mad cat lover, with a penchant for colourful things, antiques and chaos, walking into  the Folly was like being returned home. Which is also a very overwhelming experience as you didn’t think home existed. And then you find it! And there is excitement and then serenity.

NZR_0174 NZR_0153 NZR_0164

Helga’s Folly is owned by Helga Desilva Blow Perera, who has converted her childhood home to this eccentric boutique hotel. We never got to meet Helga that day, but I’ve always been a fan of who she was. The place is synonymous with her personality and she is apparently as colourful and interesting as her home. The Welsh rock band Stereophonics even has a song about her called “Madam Helga.”

Disorienting for anyone not used to such disorder, it takes a little while to settle in.  The haunting music playing in the background can unsettle the not so adventurous.  I felt a full day relaxing with friends at Helga’s Folly is a day well spent. There are a countless things to see and explore. And if one needs to run to the loo at any point, the magazine covers pasted to the walls of the toilet will also entertain you.


And the cats!

NZR_0266 NZR_0247

The brother and cousin comfy on the Sri Lankan version of the grandfather chair. NZR_0226 NZR_0176

Definitely a place to visit if you are going to be in Kandy. Do call early if you need to make reservations for lunch as their kitchen closes at 1.30pm. They have a friendly reception service. I absolutely loved the place and felt like I did not get enough of it, so will probably visit again soon. Being a Mad Cat Lady is quite a fine things to aspire to I must say.


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