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Colombo Design Market

The Colombo Design Market has been taking place for the last three months in front of the Laksala store behind the Colombo Museum.  Organized by sisters Alifiya and Munira Mutaher and some of their friends, the market is a fun place to socialize, and check out young new artists, designers and performers.

It’s also a great place to promote your work. Some of my friends Shifani and Rommel sold their artwork. Some of the Colombo Poets  like Imaad Majeed and Jessica Ferrari performed. There are also plenty of food stalls from Island Bagels to Saffron Persian Delights.

My mum had a stall as well where she sold some of her mosaic creations and gave a workshop to kids on how to make their own mosaic coasters. The picture above is from one of the happy little artists we taught mosaic making to (My mum also gives classes at our place and takes orders, so do check out her page and give us a call).



Alifiya and Munira

While you’re likely to bump into half of Colombo at the Market, it is still worth while to check it out and support local talent.

They are on a hiatus for a few months, but do drop by next time and buy something creative for yourself or your house.

More pictures…!


If you needed to chill there was even a bath tub filled with coloured balls to sink into.


Rommel Arumugam is a talented young designer and art director.

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