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Blogging from Melbourne

I am sitting at a Middle Eastern cafe called Zaatar, in Coburg, a cosy suburb in Melbourne. Lined with Arab and Turkish cafes, Pakistani dress boutiques, and Indian restaurants, the place feels close to home.  I order a chamomile tea and a piece of baklava  so I can sit here and write my fist blog post since May.

I am in Melbourne for many reasons. Being a freelance photographer gives me the freedom to work from anywhere. I like moving office once in a while and this seemed like a good place to get my creativity flowing. Apart from my shoot here, I will also be traveling around Australia and am hoping to visit Brisbane and the Gold Coast in a few days.

I landed on a Thursday night, straight into Fall season. It’s been chilly, but a refreshing change from the oppressive heat in Colombo in May. The best part of my flight was flying over Hong Kong during my transit. Definitely a place I’d like to visit in the future.


Flying over Hong Kong


Grafitti art is celebrated in Melbourne and is preserved as part of the city’s heritage.

I started my first day in the city with a walk through the graffiti alleyways of Melbourne, followed by brunch at Manchester Press. I then shopped for a pair of boots in Melbourne Central, had Chinese for dinner at Oriental Teahouse and ice cream from Nitro Lab.


Smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels from Manchester Press. This city and I both love our brunches and smoked salmon.


Under the ‘Clock’ at Melbourne Central


Steamed dumplings from Oriental Teahouse


Nitro Lab likes to serve their ice cream straight from the laboratory, complete with test tubes and syringes filled with chocolate sauce.


Street singers are at every corner in the inner city.

Over the weekend I attended a  Sri Lankan/Australian mix wedding at a kovil and a Great Gatsby themed tea party organised by USMA (United Sri Lankan Muslim Association).

Amthuta and Daniel get married.

Amthuta and Daniel get married.

The last few weeks have taken me to different corners of Melbourne, all which deserve their own posts. Some of the highlights of my trip have included getting an Instagram account. Please follow me on my trips and watch me struggle with my Nexus 4 phone camera. Other additions to my technological bubble have included Spotify, Yelp and PTV (information about Melbourne’s public transport).

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 12.48.27 am

My Instagram


Phillip Island

My next post:)


  1. Cool pictures, thank you for sharing! You said you like moving your office, I’m assuming you mean changing your setting to work not your actual office address? I also like moving from place to place. Sometimes the challenging part in some places of the world, is finding the right place to sit and work. But once you find it, it’s amazing.

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  2. aaminanizar says

    You are absolutely right. Finding that right place is amazing. I think for me, the cafe I went to, Zataar is it. 🙂


  3. I think my favourite line of the lot was “Other additions to my technological bubble have included Spotify, Yelp and PTV (information about Melbourne’s public transport).” :’)

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