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MART 130, Middle Park, Melbourne

I was going for brunch with my friend Azahn, in Middle Park when we started to cross the tracks at the tram station. I thought for a second, that we were taking a tram to our destination, to discover that our brunch place was actually a tram station converted into a cafe.


MART (tram spelled backwards) 130, is a cosy and colourful cafe that serves great food at a very creative location. ‘Optimistic’ is what I would call their ambiance aided with little tags at every table with words like ‘hope’ and ‘harmony.’



Poached eggs with smoked salmon and mushrooms on the side

I had poached eggs with feta cheese and green peas, while Azahn had his poached eggs with smoked salmon, cream cheese and mushrooms on the side.


Poached eggs with feta cheese and green peas

NZR_1609 NZR_1611
NZR_1617 NZR_1620

According to this blogger, it’s pretty popular with the celebrities as well. If you do come to Melbourne, do visit MART 130 in Middle Park for a good brunch, great location, and a chance run in with a celeb.

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