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Las Chicas, Balaclava, Melbourne

If there is one dish I can eat absolutely alone, it is an eggs benedict. I never need company to enjoy my benedict and often pop into a cafe to savour my favourite breakfast meal alone. Last week, I texted my friend Naz, and asked her for the best place in Melbourne to have an eggs benedict. She texted back with the words ‘Las Chicas, Balaclava.’


The next day I headed to Balaclava (it’s on the Sandringham line) and to Las Chicas for my solitary brunch. As soon as you get out of the station, turn to your immediate right and you will find the small, cosy cafe a few steps ahead.


The day I set out had been very cold. I ordered a hot chocolate and tried to read until my food came. The ‘Chicas Benedict’ is a toasted bagel with two poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, smoked salmon on a bed of wilted spinach.


Nothing looks sweeter than opening up a poached egg with your fork and watching the yolk spill out. For those who like their eggs soft like me, egg benedicts are heavenly.


I enjoyed every second of my meal here and can say that Las Chicas makes one mean benedict.


The staff are quite friendly, the service was fast and the rest of their menu looked interesting too. According to their website,

“Our passion is consistently serving up good, wholesome food and great coffee, both for breakfast and for lunch. To provide our customers with the best quality food possible, Las Chicas sources fresh, local and sustainable produce.

When we use a word like ‘local’ we’re talking about partnering with local businesses like Felice’s Place Gourmet Meats in Elwood – who deal only in free range, chemical and hormone free, all-natural meat products.

When we use a word like ‘fresh’ we’re talking about only using the very freshest of products – like sourcing our eggs from Country Pride in Devon Meadows, one of the few farms producing 100% of their own feed – and sourcing 100% raw, organic panela sugar as an alternative to highly processed sugar.”

Who doesn’t love a cafe that not only serves great food, but cares about where it comes from? That’s Las Chicas for you.


The staff at Las Chicas


Las Chicas is located in the St Kilda area

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