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My Mother

My mother is a powerhouse.

She can literally conquer a nation, win over the people, befriend all the wild animals, and build beautiful buildings with great interior decor.

In our world she is partner to my dad’s business, a great mother and teacher, an artist, a designer, interior decorator, and lover of animals.

Growing up, she remembers being the tom boy in the family. Not interested in going out, she preferred to stay home with her pets. Multi talented, she taught German, tailored clothes, painted and traveled extensively. She has a great knowledge of politics, and has an amazing sense of design.

As children, my brother and I knew we had unconventional parents. While most parents forced their kids to stay indoors, we spent a good part of our childhood on the streets playing cricket and cycling. Being creative was of our upbringing, from the funky shaped sandwiches in our lunch boxes, to painting sessions in the garden. Being a feminist, my mother made sure I had access to equal opportunity. Because of this, my brother and I had the same friends and interests, something we share to this day.

I can never thank God enough for having you in my life.

Love you loads Mum!

Happy Mother’s Day!


Mum, at age 24.


Mum with a bridal gown she created.


Her mosaic classes




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