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Bedspace, Unawatuna

Last weekend, the brother and I were hosted by the wonderful Malcolm Skinner at Bedspace, Unawatuna.  We enjoyed amazing hospitality and great food, and I came back to Colombo fuller and more relaxed than I’d been in a long time.


The very green and refreshing, Bedspace.

Bedspace was started in December 2014 by Malcolm and his business partner David Thomson.  Malcolm is British, but has roots in Sri Lanka and thought it would  be fantastic to start a hospitality venture here.  The biggest attraction of the guesthouse, is their kitchen, with its very creative, delicious and locally sourced dishes.


Malcolm Skinner, founder and co-chef.

I judge an eating establishment by how well they make a vegetarian dish. I don’t eat a lot of meat in general, and really appreciate a place that serves good veg fare. And Bedspace, definitely won my heart with their vegetarian tart.


The vegetarian tart with carrot and coconut salad.

My brother was served a perfectly flavoured Prawn Pad Thai.


Pad Thai

The rooms are simple, with focus on guest comfort. The pillows are wonderfully fluffy, and perfect for a good nights sleep. The bathrooms are large, and the rooms come with every amenity a traveller would require including a kickass Survival Guide.



The best thing about my super comfy room was the superbly fat cat who had taken over my balcony chair. Called Space Cat, she occupies a special place at8 the property, being discovered as a kitten, on the very first day of its opening.


Space Cat

Other animal hosts include Rocky the Dog, Party Cat (initially named Spartacus, but the staff kept pronouncing it Party Cat), and their newest addition, Rabbit the Kitten. They used to have actual rabbits too, but they kept getting stolen.






Party Cat

Good food, comfy rooms, and friendly people and animals. If you are in Una, Bedspace is definitely one stop you shouldn’t miss.


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