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Sun Aqua Pasikudah

My first trip to Pasikudah was definitely a blissful holiday as I got to spend it at Sun Aqua. The property is part of a Maldivian resort chain and it tries to bring the same serene ambience as the luxury hotels in Maldives are known for.

The hotel has around 30 rooms in a chalet style setting. This ensure the space and privacy one needs for a relaxing vacation.


The highlight of the room is its large bathroom complete with a plunge pool. This unique feature sets the hotel apart from most of the others on Pasikudah beach.


The hotel provides all facilities from three restaurants, a gym, spa, entertainment room and a spectacular pool.  The service is great and the staff is super accommodating. The restaurants serve a diverse menu and have both Sri Lankan and international staples. Their signature dish is this Jaffna style Crab Curry.


The hotel has a great spot on the beach and when not using the plunge pool in your room, or swimming pool, the fabulous beach awaits you. Beautiful through out the day. Wake up early to catch the sunrise.



The hostel is designed in both a classic Sri Lankan style with modern elements. This complements the overall serene ambience of both the beach and garden.



It’s also great to run into some of your work when I saw a calendar I was hired to shoot for Crescent Norfolk Foods. They are the official suppliers of the cold meats and sausages for Sun Aqua Pasikudah.


Pasikudah is known for its serene blue beaches and efforts have been maintained to retain this calm for the Sun Aqua visitor. The hotel has various spaces for relaxation and the staff randomly attending to you with complimentary treats.



Definitely the place to stay if you are heading to Pasikudah. Check the gallery here for more pictures from my stay.

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